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天天色综合,天天干影视National University offers a comprehensive classical curriculumin traditional naturopathic medicine while preparing you to becomea first-contact, primary-care doctor. You'll be uniquely preparedfor the real world of health care today through learning in ourintegrative medicine environment. You'll graduate with the skilland confidence you need to not only practice, but to succeed andexcel as a naturopathic physician.


What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a system of primary health care focusedon the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illness. It isdedicated to nature's healing powers and is distinguished byprinciples that underlie and determine its practice. These sixprinciples are: First Do No Harm, Treat the Whole Person, Identifyand Treat the Causes, The Healing Power of Nature, Doctor asTeacher and Promoting Wellness.

Naturopathic Philosophy
At National University, there is a focus on teachingtraditional naturopathic philosophy and clinical theory rather thansimply naturopathic methods and modalities. Naturopathic philosophyfocuses on treating the individual, not simply the disease ordiagnosis, and treating holistically which means looking at all thefactors that comprise health with the ultimate goal of restoringbalance and supporting the natural healing process.

Naturopathic Treatments
Naturopathic physicians are highly trainedpractitioners who utilize traditional and modern therapiesto manage a broad range of health conditions. Treatmentmodalities can include nutrition, botanical medicine, homeopathy,and minor surgery. National University ND studentsare extensively trained as thorough diagnosticians toidentify the appropriate treatment for their patients.

天天色综合,天天干影视 Source: American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP)

Naturopathic Careers
Small photo of louise edwards video playerThe field of naturopathic medicine continues togrow with more than 5,000 practicing physicians in North America, anumber that has tripled in the last 10 years. At NationalUniversity, our ND graduates have trainedalongside students from the chiropractic and oriental medicineprograms and are therefore well prepared for careers in today'sincreasingly integrated health care environments.

Naturopathic Medicine Licensure
To practice as a naturopathic physician in the U.S. or Canada,students must pass the Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Exam(NPLEX) conducted by the . They must also apply forlicensure in the state or province in which they plan to practice.Students are responsible for familiarity with the state's orprovince's scope of practice and licensing and renewal requirementsthrough their .

The professional organization representing naturopathicphysicians in the U.S. is the . In Canada, the nationalassociation is the .

Chiropractic Sports Medicine

If you seek a career emphasis in chiropractic sports medicine,NUHS is an excellent choice. Learn more about sports medicineat NUHS.

Program Overview

Program Overview

Our Curriculum

You can earn your Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree in aslittle as 10 trimesters. Students attend school year round and maycomplete the program in three years and four months. NationalUniversity's distinctive and innovative curriculum天天色综合,天天干影视provides you with a comprehensive base in human biology and anatomyand extensive hands-on training in diagnosis and treatment--wetrain you to think like a physician.

You will also have a strong emphasis in physical medicine,homeopathy, nutrition, research and business. The naturopathicprogram is a three phase program.

Phase I, Basic Sciences

  • One full year of anatomy and physiology in our anatomy lab
  • Perform complete human dissection rather than learning byprosection or virtual instruction

Phase II, Clinical Sciences

  • Learn how to diagnose, treat and manage a wide range ofailments
  • Explore advanced homeopathy and botanical medicine courses
  • Gain valuable business knowledge on how to ethically promoteand market your practice

Phase III, Clinical Practice

  • Experience your internship through one of a variety of clinicalopportunities

Learn more about the program's curriculum by viewing:

You may also explore our Flex Trackschedules which allow students wishing to go at a slowerpace to take a reduced course load each trimester.

Broad-Scope, Patient-Centered Care

We prepare our students to evaluate and address the full rangeof factors affecting human health. You'll learn to diagnose andtreat each of your patients based on a thorough evaluation of theirunique health history and profile. You won't base your care on justone symptom or one type of treatment, instead you'll learn to thinkin terms of "whole health healing." You'll draw from a wide rangeof healing modalities and work together with experts from othermedical fields whenever it will benefit your patient.


天天色综合,天天干影视National University's Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine programwas granted accreditation by the Council on Naturopathic MedicalEducation (CNME) on October 13, 2012. Accreditation status allowsNUHS graduates to sit for the NPLEX examinations which are thegateway to practice in licensed states.

National University is also a member of the , which was established to propel and fosterthe naturopathic medical profession by actively supporting theacademic efforts of accredited and recognized schools ofnaturopathic medicine.



天天色综合,天天干影视Consider National University for its distinct advantages and bewell-prepared for the career that awaits you.

Integrative Learning

Students learn in the classroom with students in other healthprograms, as well as treat patients collaboratively within anintegrative clinic. National University's focus on collaborativelearning encourages students to become colleagues rather thancompetitors. This better prepares them for future careers intoday's integrated health care. Additionally, NUHS students canexpand their career credentials through enrolling in dual degree programs.

Naturopathic Philosophy

Small photo of Louise Edwards in video 天天色综合,天天干影视The Naturopathic program at National University emphasizes theteaching and application of the principles of Naturopathicphilosophy and clinical theory, not simply Naturopathictherapies.

天天色综合,天天干影视We train students to focus on whole health healing and to treatthe individual rather than the disease. This includes looking forunderlying imbalances and supporting the natural healing processthrough holistic treatments.

Basic Science Curriculum

天天色综合,天天干影视At National University, the rigorous basic science courseworkprovides a foundation for applying the biomedical sciences tounderstanding the evolution of patient conditions and engineering aplan that will help them return to health. These solid basicsciences also support the student in becoming a well-verseddiagnostician.

Clinical theory courses, early in the curriculum, and continuedthrough the program, aid students in applying the basic scienceknowledge they are acquiring to the understanding of the rootcauses of disease, and symptoms. A couple great example is ourBasic Science Applications: Determinants of Health and AppliedClinical Theory.

Homeopathy Instructors

Our homeopathy instructors offer some of the best instruction inhomeopathy that you will find in North America. They combine theirdedication to teaching homeopathy according to its basic principlesalong with a vast clinical experience, and a total commitment tomentoring students. In addition, you can choose a specialtyrotation in homeopathic medicine天天色综合,天天干影视 during your clinicalinternship.

Campus Location and Facilities

National University is conveniently located 15 miles from the city of Chicago witheasy access by car or Metra train. Students come from across thecountry and internationally, creating a diverse student body.

In our Hydrotherapy suite, students treatpatients using the therapeutic benefits of water. Our fully stockedherbaldispensary carries a wide variety of homeopathic remedies,botanical medicines, tinctures and herbs. ND students alsoexperience botanical herb cultivation in the NUHS BotanicalGarden.

Students are taught in modern classrooms utilizingstate-of-the-art technology such as SMART boards. Our gross anatomylaboratory housing over 40 human cadavers, allows you to learnby hands-on dissection rather than prosection or virtualinstruction. In addition to hands-on dissection, NUHS offers The AnatomageTable, today's most technologically advanced digitalvisualization system for anatomy education. Active learningcontinues in our Training and AssessmentCenter where you will work with "standardized patients" todevelop your clinical and communication skills. Learn more about ourfacilities »



Each ND student serves a full year clinical internshipand National University offers many exciting internshipoptions.

At the National University Whole Health Center, you'll learnfirst-hand how to practice under clinical supervision. You'll haveaccess to professionals from other specialties, as well as our Diagnosticimaging Center.

Your clinical experience can be completed at our on-campus WholeHealth Center in Lombard or in Aurora, and includes a one-trimester internship in ourSalvation Army clinic helping the medically underserved.Additionally, National University is committed to developing newinternship opportunities in various states and locations that willprovide students with exposure to a diverse patient population.

During your internship phase you will also participate in weeklyGrand Rounds,where students and experts share knowledge, research, andexperience on various patient conditions.

Postgraduate Programs

After graduation, students may pursue a number of postprofessional programssuch as our master's and residency programs or select from avariety of continuing education天天色综合,天天干影视classes offered.

Additionally, there are many exciting residencyprograms天天色综合,天天干影视 offered nationwide for ND graduates. NUHS grads areaccepted into many of the most prestigious residencies, such asthose at Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Other Program Opportunities

Dual Degrees
Students also have the option to earn a second degree (DC, MSOM or MSAc) through dualenrollment, increasing their knowledge and skill as apractitioner and broadening practice opportunities. Due to theshared courses between the programs, there will be a reduction ofthe total number of hours needed to complete the second degree.Students are not eligible until the third trimester of theirinitial or primary program of study.

Advanced Scholars Program
Through NUHS' bachelorof science program, you can earn a BS degree and a ND degree inless time and at less cost by enrolling in the Advanced Scholars Program.Your first year in the ND program will count toward both degrees,giving you the chance to finish both a BS and ND degree in 6.5years.

UWS/NUHS Collaborative Program
National University and University of Western States offer aspecial collaborative program wherebyDC students and graduates from UWS will automatically receiveadvanced standing in our ND program allowing students to earn theirND degree in a shorter time frame and with substantial costsavings.

Homeopathic Medicine Rotation
The Naturopathic Medicine Program includes the study ofhomeopathy, and providesopportunities to hone skills learned in the classroom天天色综合,天天干影视. Studentsare required to complete one constitutional case in the NUHS WholeHealth Center, and also have the opportunity to supplement theirstudies through optional observations and scheduling additionalconstitutional cases.

A homeopathyrotation through the Center for Integral Health (CIH) providesstudents with the experience of working with patients under directsupervision and expand their knowledge of homeopathic modalities.Students are eligible to earn primary hours for direct patientcare, such as conducting intakes and follow-ups with patients, andsecondary hours for observing the management of acute and chronichomeopathic cases.

Student Research
天天色综合,天天干影视 Our evidence-based curriculum includes opportunities to work onresearch projects independently, or alongside faculty researchmentors.

Jonathanotten JonathanOtten - ND Student
Jonathan co-authored an article on how vitamin D affects thehealth of the central nervous system. He worked with faculty memberDr. DanielRichardson, and saw his article published in The OriginalInternist.

DariuslembertDariusLembert - ND Student
Darius co-authored an article on abnormal postural changes inchildren with cerebral palsy that was published in theinternational journal, The Medical Science Monitor.

See more student research successstories »

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